Positive opinion on the toxicity and harmlessness of the additive feed "Organic Sapropel"

On June 1, 2021 the positive conclusion of RUE "Vyshelessky Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine" about toxicity and harmlessness of the feed additive "Sapropel Organic" was obtained.

It was found that the presented sample of feed additive "Sapropel Organic" was harmless to the protozoa Tetrahymena piriformis. No deviations in the morphological structure, character of movement, growth and development of protozoa were observed.

The gain in live weight of the laboratory animals (white mice) was 103.9 % relative to the control group.

The relative biological value of the feed additive "Organic Sapropel" in the experiment on the tetrahymena was 108.2% in relation to the control.

All details about the feed additive "Organic Sapropel" here.